Best Motocrosser: Honda CRF450R

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 Photo Source:  Honda  NZ

Photo Source: Honda NZ

Balance has always been a fundamental tenet of Honda’s design philosophy. But the 2017 CRF450R takes it to a new level for the company’s moto­crossers. All-new for the first time in five years, this complete redesign gave the bike the slim feel and excellent ergonomics. Suspension (and a great new spring fork) is compliant and controlled on jump landings and rough chop for expert riders while being easy for the average person to dial in. The CRF is deceptively fast thanks to broad, tractable power, and the switchable ignition maps widen its adaptability. It works as a complete, well-rounded package with, yes, an incredible level of balance.

In the BEST MOTOCROSSER category, CW selects the Honda CRF450R. Video Source: Cycle World

See the beautiful CRF450R in all it's glory below. Source: Honda NZ